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General information about order management

Our store has all its products in stock, except for the breakage of the same or in the description indicated otherwise. If you have the "add to cart" button it is not visible because the product is not available.

If you have a purchase and confirmation, you are committing to pay with the chosen form. Failure to comply with this obligation reserves us the right not to admit or re-serve orders to that customer, except for non-payment by sea with prior notice (no more than 12 hours since the order is placed) and for just cause.

Due to our geographical situation, we can only make records in the morning until 1:30 p.m. Keep this in mind, even when ordering by express courier. Deliveries on Saturday would be paid separately, ask us for the rate.

Make sure your delivery address is complete and correctly written, because in case of problems or returns due to "incorrect or incomplete address" we will not be responsible for the return of the shipment and the customer must pay it again.

The orders are managed chronologically and according to the payment method chosen. That is: sending immediately after receiving the transfer or payment by PayPal or by card; or the shipment will be made on delivery, if that is the client's wish. But they take into account that they have preference for the orders paid on the spot, with respect to those requested with cash on delivery and especially when the stock is broken.

Payments by Paypal carry out an additional charge of 4% since January 2012 for the commission that obliged us. We suggest payment by card that does not carry any surcharge.

In case of return of an order paid by card, the money will not be returned but a discount voucher will be made for the amount of the return, since the currency exchange and the commission applied by the bank oblige us to do so.

The shipping costs for the Urgent Service (and others), are calculated for payment by transfer. If the cash on delivery payment is chosen, the courier company will apply the special rates in force and charged by all carriers. This rate is 3% + VAT of the total order and is specified separately, when you choose this form of payment. This commission corresponds to pay it to the client, since it is he who chooses the payment method when placing his order. Which always means an increase of at least € 4 and this influences the final price of the order and its cost depends on the total amount of your purchase.

People who ask for and do not pay their orders against reimbursement will generate an incident and will not be allowed to buy more times with that form of payment.

Express shipping is only available within our business hours and provided it is not a sea or holiday or weekend.

We do not send cash on delivery to new customers for amounts less than € 30. Nor do we send cash on delivery orders to minors. We reserve the right to cancel orders of these characteristics.

People who need an invoice for their purchase can request it at the time of ordering. Otherwise, they only have a term until the 10th of the following month. After that date, we can no longer do it because we will have already closed the month or quarter, as appropriate.

The store system has a predetermined email that your order information has been sent and where it is indicated that we provide you with a tracking number. All shipments are made in a registered and numbered way but before the impossibility of sending this data individually and manually, we ask that if you need it for some reason, those reviewed from your customer profile, entering the order and observing, at the end of the list of products purchased, the code that appears in the box corresponding to that information. You can also request it by email, if any incident arises.

Orders placed from other countries will only be sent upon payment and never against reimbursement.

All our models for making babies are available to be sent immediately (except those that come out as Presale or reserve payment); But some of the kits have a single unit (which may be replaced again in a short period of time), so whoever buys it and pays it first will be the one who has preference to receive the order.

We update the website every day, but in promotions or limited offers, we reserve the right to cancel an order if there is a lack of stock and we will proceed to return the money in case the amount of said purchase has been paid.
In certain articles, we reserve the right to substitute the one requested by another of similar or identical characteristics, depending on what we have available at all times, except in models for making babies and all those that are irreplaceable.

Orders not paid within the next 24 hours to the date of realization will be reserved to the buyer for a maximum period of 3 working days. If after that time the payment has not been received, the order will expire and the item will be on sale again, without prior notice.


Shipments are not made on Saturday or Sunday, national holidays or on August 22 and November 25 by local holiday.

Customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. from October to May included.

In June, July, August and September, customer service will be only in the morning.


Claims and returns: Read this section carefully if you must make a claim.

For us customer satisfaction is the most important and we guarantee all our products.

However, if there is an error on our part or if the product purchased is not exactly what I expected or finds that it has an anomaly, the order can be returned as long as we are notified of the problem within 24 hours of receipt of the same. Given the nature of our articles, after this period we will not answer claims.

If the materials show any damage, whether suffered in transport or for other reasons outside the company, our internal protocol says that you must take photos and send them by email to or by WhatsApp at 670 625 843.

Once the complaint or claim is received, we will agree with the client how to proceed to make the return or replacement. For this, it will be essential to fill in a "return sheet" that we will send you by email and that must be accompanied by the merchandise. It will also be necessary to keep the original packaging in order to file the claim because otherwise it will not be admitted.

In the case of an error attributable to our company, we will bear the shipping costs for the return or replacement of the merchandise. If the claim is not evident, it has no reason to be or is not clearly shown in the photos, the client may choose to send the merchandise for evaluation by the Quality Department and once received the exchange or refund of the money will be assessed. , as appropriate; but the cost of this return will always be the responsibility of the buyer and must be done by registered mail or courier, since we will not accept any refund against reimbursement or with postage due.

The customer must use the email, WhatsApp or call us as soon as possible to communicate the return and explain the reasons for it. Once we have received and verified that the merchandise is in perfect condition, we will notify you and proceed to make you a discount voucher, return the money or exchange it for another item, according to your wish or what is appropriate in each case. In case of return of a complete order, only the amount of the merchandise will be returned, since the shipment has been paid to the buyer's address and is something that always corresponds to the customer.

No returns or complaints will be accepted when the materials have been damaged, used or present some anomaly not attributable to the company, either due to misuse after sale or when the parts may deteriorate with heat or other causes outside the sale, such as packages opened by customs, damage due to transport, etc. And, of course, under NO circumstances can we be held responsible for any damage that may be caused by the process of creating a baby reborn.

This company is RESERVING THE RIGHT OF ADMISSION AND MANAGEMENT of the orders of certain customers that may be canceled for having caused in the past unjustified returns, repeated defaults or for other reasons that the company considers to be contrary to our professional ethics.