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Draken - Sarah Mellman


  • Length:  22" + Tail
  • Wing Span:  15"
  • Arms:  Full - attaches to Vinyl Body
  • Legs:  Full - attaches to Vinyl Body
  • Other:  Vinyl Torso & Tail - attaches to Vinyl Body
  • Eye Size:  28mm
  • Cloth Body: NO Cloth Body Is Needed
  • Vinyl:  Light, neutral Vinyl
  • Edition:  Limited Edition of 500

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123,96 €

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The number of the limitation will be announced after pre-order.

Draken the Dragon is the first of his kind to be produced into a vinyl doll kit.

He will come as a 9 piece vinyl kit with:

Head, Arms, Legs, Torso, Tail, and Wings. He will come with a cloth body that fits inside his vinyl body and connects his head Arms and Legs.

His wings and tail connect directly to his torso.  Draken measures 22 inches long from top of head to tip of toes. (Longer if you count tail.)

 In the new photos of the blank kit: Sitting he is 14 inches tall. His wing span in 15 inches. If he were to lay down, (which he wasn’t sculpted to do) he would be 21 inches.

Drakens Pre-orders will run from the 1st to 14th of August with his vinyl kits arriving in late October or early November (subject to change without notice)

Draken takes 28mm eyes.

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